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Pack out Services - Metro Contents  will carefully and respectfully pack the contents of your home or business in need of restoration and deliver them to our off-site facility.


Cleaning and Restorations - Metro Contents offers a comprehensive content restoration system designed to help return your items to pre-damage condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing damaged items.  Often, this means we can help save contents  previously considered unsalvageable!


Climate Controlled Storage - While at our off-site Contents Restoration facility, your items are housed in a secure, climate controlled environment. They remain there until the cleaning and restoration process are complete.


Contents Move Back -  Move Back services are performed after all cleaning and restoration is complete and the property owner has received a Certificate of Occupancy.

Cleaning and Restorations
We specialize in:
Pack Out Services
Pack Back Services
 We Also Do

Specialized Drying Chambers  // Ultrasonic Cleaning  // Laundry/Dry Cleaning  // Document Drying  // Immersion Cleaning  // Ozone Treatment  // Deodorization  // Structure Cleaning

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